CarePages are private personalized web pages provided to you as a free service by PreemieCare that help families:

  • Receive support from friends and family.  Invited visitors to your CarePage send you messages of encouragement, giving hope and strength even in the most difficult situations.
  • Update family and friends. Families can update everyone at the same time without repeated phone calls or emails.  Your CarePage keeps everyone in the loop, allowing you to spend less time on the phone.
  • Control the flow of information.  You share news at a time that’s right for you.  Friends and family call less often since they’re automatically e-mailed when you post a new update.
  • Keep in touch. A CarePage allows families to stay in contact with their support network before, during, and after the babies are in the NICU or receiving treatment.  CarePages don’t have an expiration date.  Your CarePage works for you as long as you need it.

PreemieCare believes that the service provided by CarePages at no cost to families truly complements our efforts to support families of preterm infants. We know how important personal support from family and friends can be for:

  • Mothers on bedrest or hospitalized during pregnancy
  • Families with babies in the NICU
  • Children with ongoing medical or developmental needs
  • Parents with medical challenges themselves

We also know how challenging communicating with everyone in a support network can be during these stressful periods. Your CarePage simplifies the process by allowing you to post progress updates, share photos, and also provide friends and family with links to online information about multiple births, premature infants, or specific medical conditions when you have time and are ready to share. Your friends and family check-in whenever they like so they never miss an update. While on your CarePage visitors may post words of encouragement on your message board creating a circle of support when you need it most.

CarePages are private, secured, password protected, and comply with all patient privacy regulations. PreemieCare simply hosts your CarePage meaning your page will have a PreemieCare logo at the top of the page and links to our site. We would love to be part of your support network to follow your progress and offer additional support, so we encourage you to include us on your invite list, but doing so it not required.
Creating a PreemieCare CarePage is easy:
1 Go to the PreemieCare CarePage system

2. Register, and follow a few simple steps to complete your CarePage
3. Invite friends, family members, and, if you like, PreemieCare to visit your site
4. To send update notifications to PreemieCare invite
If you need assistance setting up or maintaining your CarePage, customer support is available Mon-Fri 9am-6pm CST at or toll-free at (888) 852-5521

Connect, share…care.

Get support and share the story of your premature baby on CarePages




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